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Machine Vision applications


Newsight develops advanced CMOS image sensors for 3D machine vision, bringing an affordable, adaptive, low power and high sensitivity sensor for Tier 1 and OEMs, specially designed for longer distances while retaining high accuracy and fast response for near and unexpected objects. Newsight offers 3D vision solutions for many automotive applications such as Adaptive Front light Systems (AFS), Blind Spot Monitoring, Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), Solid-state LiDAR and other ADAS applications.

Newsight is already making footprints in the automotive industry and has conducted a successful POC with the ZKW group, a leading Tier 1 from Austria. The POC was for the Adaptive Front light Systems (AFS) solution and the collaboration is currently in an advanced prototype stage and is expected to be integrated in vehicles in the near future.

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One of the main opportunities using Newsight’s image sensors is for industry 4.0 applications. Newsight enables a 3D vision solution for displacement, distance or thickness measurement applications used in factory automation, electronics production, robotics and vehicle construction. Our sensors allow high accuracy using 40,000 fps, providing reliable results even in continuous industrial operation, all in a low-cost solution.

The sensor supports an IoT interface, enabling real time decision making during the production process. Due to the sensor’s special features and flexibility, it is compatible with AI and machine learning, creating new advanced sensing and allowing the sensor to “learn” using AI, making the device smarter.

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Smart CMOS sensors often function in machine vision as the robot’s eyes. With Newsight’s MCU on chip, the sensor can acquire and analyze data on the fly, and create a smarter, better performing robot over time. Newsight’s sensors are evolving along with technology and can be integrated in smart home applications such as service robots, smart kitchens, and robotic vacuum cleaners.

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Newsight’s CMOS sensor chips leverage big advantages in the Mobile world. The New NSI5900 will be a game changer when integrating expensive AR, VR and 3D technologies for use by the general public. The sensor can be used to develop a 3D depth camera for smartphones, both front and rear facing, which can be done without compromising the image quality.

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Spectral Solutions


Spectral Analysis technology has shown tremendous results in diagnostics in the medical field. SpectraLIT – Newsight Imaging’s game changer spectral development kit, can identify different substances in a matter of seconds. SpectraLIT is a portable, small factor, accurate, and safe device that can be used in every clinic or every home.

The accuracy of the received diagnosis evolves along with the data base, empowered by AI algorithm, to increase accuracy and to support new pathogens or mutations of existing ones. Newsight has already successfully demonstrated its technology, working with one of the leading medical centers in the world.

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Water Inspection

In the field of water quality monitoring, there is an acknowledged need for spectral sensors that are more affordable than existing spectrometers. The market also needs technology that can provide real-time 24/7 monitoring of toxins, with an IOT interface that will be able to send alerts on the fly.

Newsight’s spectral analysis sensor offers improved sensitivity and a more affordable means of determining the spectral signatures of key substances (such as toxic metals or pesticides) in water. Newsight’s most recent collaboration in this field was the MOU the company signed with Israel’s national water company, Mekorot. The goal is to develop and validate accurate water quality monitoring technology.

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Food & beverage

In the food & beverage industry, Newsight’s technology can be utilized for quality and recipe assurance during the production process. Newsight’s NSP2020 spectral sensor is used to provide a more detailed analysis of substances to achieve enhanced safety and health, important factors in food production, allowing the detection of toxins.

With Newsight’s spectral technology, it can also be easy to assess the percentage of alcohol in your beverage, at the convenience of your mobile phone, with the SpectraLIT app.

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Color inspection

Newsight’s spectral sensor is able to accurately detect colors and shades, using a spectrum of lights in wavelengths of 400nm to 700nm. Some possible uses with Newsight’s sensor is a color detecting device that can be aimed at any material (cloths, cars, paint colors, etc.) to provide an exact code of the featured color. Another application of color detection is in the makeup industry.

Customizing and monitoring different shades during the development and production process to assure maximum efficiency with a real time IoT interface. An additional application in the makeup industry is a color detecting device that can scan your facial skin and customize a makeup shade to your exact skin tone.

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Low power consumption

Newsight’s image sensors are low on power consumption, thus making them a perfect fit for portable and rechargeable devices.

Cost effective

Newsight’s sensors bring top shelf quality performance at an affordable price.

High accuracy

Newsight’s sensors can change configurations on the fly and deliver superb accuracy in distance measurement and 3D sensing.

eTOF™ Technology

Newsight’s patented enhanced-Time-of-Flight technology can reach up to 100,000 fps for fast and detailed acquisition of depth points.