Advisory Board

Dr. Dongyan Wang

Dongyan Wang is VP & GM of Midea Emerging Technology Center (Silicon Valley) and AI Research Institute (Shenzhen, China) in Midea Group

Dr. Wang has almost 20 years of hi-tech executive experience leading world-class, industry award-winning, global hi-tech organizations for Global Fortune 500 enterprises and Silicon Valley startups. He has extensive experience in products, business applications, advanced analytics, data science, big data, and cloud and on-premise enterprise IT applications.
Dr. Wang is in charge of AI of strategic application roadmap, technology roadmap, various products for smart home, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, and various business applications.
Prior to Midea, Dr. Wang was the COO and SVP of Grand Intelligence, an SV consulting firm specializing in machine learning, deep learning, BI analytics, data science, and big data solutions. Before that, he was a senior executive of NetApp, Cisco Systems, and Samsung America, leading large, complex enterprise-wide big data, BI analytics, data integration, and smart home initiatives.
He was responsible for 350-people global organizations with annual budgets of $40+ million.
Dr. Wang is a well-known leader and expert in the industry. His leadership has won him TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute), Intelligence Enterprise RealWare Award, Information Week 500, InfoWorld 100 awards, and an Oracle BI/BPM innovation award.
Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D., master’s, and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, all in the AI space. He has 10+ granted US patents, 10+ international patents, and multiple pending patents.

Lyu You (Edwards)

Co founder & CEO at Vadi Ventures

Edwards is the co-founder and CEO of Vadi Ventures, a Chinese-Israeli company aimed at supporting Chinese investors and entrepreneurs taking their first steps within the high-paced, dynamic Israeli business and technology industries.
Edwards is an expert in creating projects and partnerships among the China-Israel business ecosystem.
Edwards holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University, an MA in Diplomacy from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and a BA in International Politics from Beijing International Studies University.

Dr. Nativ Rotbart

Dr. Rotbart is a young soil water and environment scientist.

Dr. Rotbart is a Postdoctoral Fellow, Agriculture Plant science and agronomics, Shamir Research Institute, University of Haifa, Israel.
Currently, Dr. Rotbart is establishing the Laboratory for Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, Soil Chemistry, Plant Nutrition, and precision agriculture in Shamir Research Institute.
The main interests of his research include Soil chemistry, Plant Nutrition, The use of spectroscopy, remote sensing, and GIS as tools for precision irrigation and fertilization.
He is submitting his Ph.D. thesis in Soil and Water Sciences at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences, ARO.
He holds M. Sc. Agr in Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with the Agricultural Engineering Institute, ARO. The thesis was about “Estimating olive leaf minerals concentrations using Vis-Nir spectral reflectance.
He holds B.Sc in Biology and Geography at Tel Aviv University.