eTOF LiDAR 3.0

The complete reference design for depth Imaging

Newsight’s eTOF LiDAR 3.0, the third generation of its reference design LiDAR, is based on the advanced NSI9000 CMOS image sensor (1024×480). Designed for Lidar systems, automotive ADAS, Metaverse AR/VR applications, Industry 4.0, and Smart City/IOT, including smart traffic 3D vision systems, the eTOF LiDAR is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. The robust, thermally balanced design enables smooth operation indoors and outdoors. Plug it in and get started. Try it out for yourself!

NEW: API for rapid development of depth sensing products

The new Python-based API software can be used in conjunction with the eTOF™ LiDAR 3.0 reference design. The goal of the package is to enable rapid development and integration of depth imaging products. The new API provides an easy way to program the sensor, which can accept a pre-prepared configuration with up to 32 sets with different resolutions, exposures, and depth calculation schemes. The eTOF™ LiDAR 3.0 empowered by the NSI9000, can switch from one configuration to another in consecutive frames without adding any delays. Additionally, the API allows for customization and innovative development of application using the raw sensor data received from the LiDAR and enable customers to use their own propriety algorithms and python code to optimize their solution, for example using post-processing of the point cloud data.

Learn about the innovative features of the new API and download the user guide here!


Module includes


  • NSI9000 sensor pixel array 1024 x 480, global shutter
  • RDC III board
  • On board STM32H747 – Dual 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 up to 480MHz and -M4 MCUs, 1MB Flash, 1MB RAM
  • On board VCSEL and driver with high peak power.
  • Full software application package (runs on windows)


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