Industry 4.0

Image sensors capable of providing 3D images and acquiring depth information are increasingly integrated into diverse applications. One of the up and coming fields of innovation is the realm of industry 4.0, using new technologies in the manufacturing process to enable a more efficient production operation.

Newsight’s leverages are the technical advancements in its sensors. The ability to create data communication and analytics to significantly improve equipment production, processing, worker efficiency and overall safety.
Newsight allows a 3D vision solution for displacement, distance, and thickness measurement applications used in factory automation, electronics production, robotics, and vehicle construction.

Newsight CMOS Image sensors include the Analogue and Digital blocks in a one chip solution, enabling fast integration to AI processors and other machine vision applications, allowing the sensor to “learn” using AI and make devices smarter. Zero Latency on machine decision systems allows “Real Time” decision making, providing reliable results even in continuous industrial operation. The AI chipsets that can handle processing at the edge will allow for better real-time responses within applications that need instant computing. Automatic internal processes with on the fly configuration changes reduce the workload off the AI processor.

Laser Displacement

Laser Displacement sensors are becoming a major building block for Industry 4.0 manufacturing. Working with the NSI3000 CMOS chip in Triangulation mode we can provide high accuracy of 4µm for quality validation and sorting in the manufacturing process.
Laser triangulation is applied in assembly inspection and can provide precise data even for low contrast objects. A similar, more advanced technology can be applied with our area sensor the NSI1000, called Multi Triangulation. The technology uses an array for 32 triangulations of 1024 (32 channels) to allow longer distance and a higher resolution triangulation and enable the detection of even the smallest cracks and stretches.

Super Resolution Barcode Scanner

Newsight’s sensors can integrate into advanced system for rapid reading of barcodes while performing a high-resolution scanning of envelopes and parcels. Newsight’s sensors can read and decode barcodes rapidly at distances of up to two meters, while the high-speed photography capability of the sensor is creating high accuracy when scanning. This sensor has an effective configurable resolution of up to 8K pixels, and a very high speed of up to 40K frames per second.

Sorting Machines

Another use case of the NSI3000 in smart manufacturing is rice sorting machines. Newsight’s NSI3000 line sensor enables the detection and analysis of each individual rice grain whilst in the production line due to the chip’s ultra-high frame rate of 40,000fps, allowing maximum accuracy in continuous high speed. When a faulted rice grain is detected, the sensor sends a digital command to a blowing tube, removing it from the mass immediately.

Industry 4.0 Safety

Industry 4.0 safety applications can be done using Newsight’s sensors.

Set virtual boundaries for robotics, monitor hazardous areas with real-time alerts upon entry, identify foreign objects on the conveyor with instant alerts, and more.

Quality control in Industrial Automation

Newsight enables a 3D vision solution for displacement, distance or thickness measurement applications used in factory automation, electronics production, robotics and vehicle construction.

High accuracy using 100,000 fps for reliable results even in continuous industrial operation, all in a low-cost solution.

Newsight sensors are “AI ready” –the special integrated Image sensor with MCU enables sensing abilities adjusted to edge computing, especially for AI done in the edge.