The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users. Newsight’s sensors’ 3D mapping abilities are ultimate for virtual reality applications.

The NSI1000 Machine vision sensor has 32 x 1024 pixels and allows 3D distance measurement and mapping operating in 3 modes: Multi-triangulation, Fast Camera, or eTOF – Newsight’s patented enhanced Time-of-Flight technology.

The next-generation NSI9000 VGA+ resolution sensor will launch by Q3 of 2022 and will feature new event-based capabilities with zero latency, ultimate for connective IoT applications, and AR/VR Metaverse applications.


Newsight’s sensors advantages for AR/VR Metaverse applications:

  • Very high frame rate: 100 fps NSI1000, NSI9000
  • High accuracy 3D measurement
  • Easy fusion 3D+2D
  • Easy fusion also with color high-resolution video
  • Flexibility for AI control

Face recognition

Avatar creation

Virtual reality scanning of the surrounding

Automatic hand gestures (no remotes needed)

Head tracking and orientation in space