Newsight enables a 3D vision solution for machine vision applications in the mobile market. Newsight’s NSI5900 is currently being developed and is expected to emerge into the mobile market soon. The sensor can be used to develop a 3D depth camera for smartphones, both front and rear-facing, with a high VGA resolution of 640 x 480. The 3D depth measurement allows for extended use cases in mobile cameras, such as 3D measurements of the individual’s environment with a supported distance reach of over 15 meters, augmented reality applications, 3D video recording and VR that can be done without compromising the image quality.

Another application that can be used accurately in the mobile world is face recognition (e.g. ATM machines). The sensor is designed to recognize gestures and expressions. The High sensitivity allows precise depth recognition and a 3D image that is not dependent on light conditions and a noisy environment being programed to function with sunlight exposure and other outdoor challenges.

Operating face recognition only with the acquisition of depth points solves crucial privacy issues that are currently a being a big setback in the world of automated finance accounts. Newsight’s sensor, being affordable and minuscule, will be a great mediator of this innovative technology to the mass market

The sensor is small sized, includes an eye-safe laser even for short distance measurement and has a low power consumption – making it a perfect fit to the mobile world. With the MCU on-chip, and an analog to digital processor, the sensor can make real-time decision making and continues data streaming, making it perfect for any IoT device.