Smart City

Smart city applications bring a new and improved city management approach using information technology. The integration of advanced telecommunication technologies with advanced sensors creates a new approach for a smart, always urban environment. Connective 3D sensors are able to transmit real-time data of infrastructure, surveillance, traffic, criminal data and more, to create an operational feasible environment.

Newsight’s sensors are ideal for IoT deployment in smart cities:

  • The NSI1000 sensor captures 3D maps of the environment at up to 100,000 fps. The sensors are capable of capturing both camera and 3D output in the same frame, providing the ultimate cost reduction for additional hardware and processing power.
  • The NSI9000 event-based sensor, with a resolution of 480 x 1024 pixels, is designed to reduce bandwidth consumption by transmitting only event-detected data (per pixel). Benefits of Newsight’s NSI9000 include reduced data traffic and a high frame rate adjusted to the amount of event data. The next-generation sensor meets Smart City 5G requirements, while its low price enables large-scale integration. In addition, the reduced need for computing power provides real-time data with zero latency.



Smart street lighting

Smart building and doors for surveillance

3D for infrastructure monitoring, detailed to the smallest crack.

Traffic light traffic monitoring

This application is intended to measure velocity and classify vehicles.

For traffic monitoring, detecting unexpected road events and speed detection.

Drones for mapping

With depth imaging sensors, you can create highly detailed aerial maps for surveying, construction, engineering applications, land surveying, cadastre, topography, rural development, and urban planning.

Continuous Tire Monitoring: Online profile analysis and alerts

The proposed system will enable continues, in drive, tire testing for trucks. Module will be placed facing the wheel and will monitor the surface of the tire using fast laser scanning and/or image processing taken by Newsight’s CMOS Image Sensors. With NSI1000 we can use multi-triangulation to capture very accurately the tier structure and alert accordingly and use multi-set to support different lighting scenarios. This way we would capture up to 100,000 fps for a single line.


Smart building and surveillance

Sensors enable buildings to perceive their surroundings. This way, they can collect meaningful data for the building management system.

Our eTOF technology will help you protect, manage and monitor your smart building.

3D for infrastructure monitoring, detailed to the smallest crack.

The sensor is used for simple and accurate detection of the smallest cracks. When a crack occurs, a signal is sent.