Sports championships are all about determining the winner of a discipline. Most image processing solutions currently used for this purpose are camera-based and require a wide range of viewing angles to be effective. Moreover, the automation solutions available today are expensive and the image processing is insufficient when attention to detail is required.

Our highly integrated 3D sensors offer a game-changing solution for cost-effective, automated game analysis. By using real 3D measurements, we are able to achieve an accuracy of 99%, while the implementation of only one device is sufficient for reliable results.


Our Advantages:

  • Real 3D Data – accurate results without latency
  • The low-cost sensor enables the deployment of current out-of-reach solutions to every league.
  • The high frame rate allows real-time applications such as ball tracking
  • 1 sensor, endless possibilities of sports enhancement.
  • The sensor is highly integrative and could be configured to provide for several sport analyzing technologies across many fields.

Tracking and Identification

Operates as a 3D LiDAR and 2D camera in the same frame. Enables classification and placement of players on the field in real-time.

Game Analysis Using 3D

Immediate determination of any fouls and misconducts with full mapping of the field and players.

This automated judgment system can help prevent the constant stopping of the game. by measuring constant distance of the ball and players, this solution can accurately calculate a foul

Immediate Results Determination & Performance Enhancement

Among the capabilities of 3D sensing are real-time display, precision measurement for accurate results, as well as significantly lower cost and required number of devices.

Our solution can also be programmed to detect pace, movement and placement to evaluate the player’s performance on the field.

This can also be integrated to a broadcasting platform to enhance game tracking


The metaverse is a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.

Newsight’s sensors are suitable for various AR/VR metaverse applications. These include converting games to 3D VR screening, face recognition, avatar creation, virtual reality scanning of the surroundings, and automatic hand gestures (no remote controls required).

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