MT LiDAR 3.1

The MT LiDAR 3.1 (Multi-Triangulation reference design) offers a complete solution for versatile and affordable 3D scanning. Newsight Imaging’s Multi-Triangulation technology allows ultra-high accuracy for short-distance measurement applications.

MT LiDAR 3.1 is based on the NSI9000 image sensor with 1024X480 pixel resolution and on-chip peak detection feature demonstrating Newsight’s multi-triangulation technology specially designed for ultra-high accuracy for short-distance measurement applications.
The new reference design enables full 3D mapping by a single scan, with 480 depth points, supporting a depth resolution of 20um – 1mm, with the ability to achieve hundreds of frames per second, making it ideal for ongoing production and structure inspection control.

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MT LiDAR Features:

  • Mapping of multiple depth points on a line
  • 480 depth point
  • Depth resolution 20um – 1mm
  • Optimal for distances 5cm – 5m
  • Full 3D map by a single scan
  • Ideal for ongoing production & structures inspection control
  • Real-time response



Multi Triangulation Technology

  • Laser triangulation technology is applied with a laser that projects light onto a target.
  • The distance is measured based on a calculation of the angle of the returned light.
  • Beneficial, for example, in smart manufacturing applications that require exact short-range measurements.
  • Can be applied in part/assembly production inspection processes due to its ability to provide precise data even for low contrast objects, using 3D inspection and measurement.

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