NEWSight Newsletter July 2020

Newsight presents its enhanced Time-Of-Flight eTOF™ technology in the company’s upcoming webinar, scheduled for Monday, August 3rd, 2020, at 4 PM CEST. Click the link to join our webinar and learn all about the game-changing qualities of the patented technology, and to review a demo of the NSI100 features.

The eTOF™ Kit is Available Now!


Newsight’s enhanced-Time-Of-Flight technology is based on capturing the returned light of a pulse laser and turning it by calculation to a depth point. Unlike other depth-sensing methods, the eTOF™ does not require heavy calculation and can produce a multi-point depth map that is accurate and fast. The scheme above demonstrates the way that the eTOF™ signals are captured. Newsight now offers two evaluation/development kits, the NSI1000EVBA is based on Altera FPGA, and the NSI1500EVB is based on ARM4 ST MCU. The eTOF™ uses pulse laser, and Newsight offers, as an optional addition, its ICHB laser driver board which operates the laser and gets its laser trigger signal from the EVB board. The evaluation kits come with comprehensive documentation, an application that runs on PC and provides a way to see the depth points, and all needed drivers and files. Newsight’s experts are supporting the eTOF™ evaluations very closely to assure the customers’ success. Purchasing is easy now using a credit card or PayPal via Newsight’s shop.

Jinoid and Newsight Imaging have released their collaboration


Jinoid Co., a leading sensor solution maker from South Korea announced that it has selected Newsight’s CMOS image sensors for its advanced smart vision and inspection sensors. Newsight’s NSI3000 line sensor, and NSI1000 area sensor has already successfully passed Jinoid’s evaluation, and the first batch chips has been provided and assembled. The two companies intend to expand the collaboration to additional use cases in the near future.

Newsight Imaging was named one of the top 50 European startups in the Mobility Sector


Newsight Imaging has made it to be one of the top 50 startups in the mobility sector at The European Startup Prize for mobility competition, becoming one of the 50 most promising mobility startups that will revolutionize transport as we know it. The EUSP is a unique acceleration program that supports the best European startups developing green, connected, inclusive, and sustainable mobility innovations. Startups amongst the EUSP TOP 50 will be offered a dedicated reinvestment program, channeling European public and private funds. This selection is a unique opportunity for Newsight to scale up in Europe, imprinting its technology in the streets of major cities throughout the continent.