NEWSight Newsletter June 2020

Join Our Webinar to Develop a Disruptive Spectral Analysis Product Empowered By AI


SpectraLIT™️ is a development kit based on Newsight’s spectrometer-on-chip technology, empowered by AI. The SpectraLIT™️ enables the detection of spectral signatures in a range of 400 to 700nm wavelength, using light only in a matter of seconds. Join our webinar to discover how to develop and partner with us to build an immediate, portable, and affordable detection device based on spectral profiling technology.



A Successful POC was completed in collaboration with ZKW for smart adaptive lighting



Two years ago, Newsight Imaging won first place at ZKW’s Drive Light & Sight innovation competition and therefore signed a 5-year collaboration agreement with the premium lighting and electronics specialist. Together, we started working closely on mutual development and even jointly registered patents for the adaptive front lighting system. The two companies have now completed the POC and continue working together in completing the final prototype to be integrated into vehicles in the next years.

Newsight raises $7 Million at Series A Financing Round Led by Infinity Capital


Being only 4 years old, Newsight already secures round A financing, due to the promising breakthrough in the spectral analysis and machine vision markets. Alongside the popular use cases of the 3D sensing market, Newsight recently came out with an At-Home virus detection kit that is expected to accelerate sales. Ms. Claire Zhao, VP of Infinity Capital, already joined Newsight’s Board of Directors, and Dr. George So, Owner of AIinnoBio HK, will join as a board observer.