NEWsight Newsletter May 2020

Newsight Imaging is developing a game changer “At-home COVID-19 detector” and joins the battle of the Coronavirus

At-home Coronavirus Diagnosis Kit development with Sheba medical center –


Newsight is developing an at-home virus diagnosis kit in collaboration with Sheba Medical Center – a world leading research center. The kit is based on Newsight’s unique spectrometer-on-chip solution. The device will analyze a human sample by light only, in a matter of less than one second. The kit has successfully passed initial feasibility tests on a non-corona virus in Sheba’s labs. Eventually, the future product will determine whether the person is infected by the Coronavirus or other viruses.

A signed collaboration with Mekorot, Israel’s biggest water company –


Mekorot and Newsight have signed an agreement to develop and validate an affordable, compact, and accurate water quality monitoring technology. This technology is based on the patented spectroscopy chip developed by Newsight. The success of this collaboration will enable the deployment of water quality sensors to the mass market worldwide. Our vision is to be able to detect water quality anywhere using AI processing on the cloud.

The NSI1000, Newsight’s leading area sensor is now out with new exciting features –


Multi triangulation is a method used for 3D inspection applications enabled in the NSI1000, uses 32 lines of 1024 pixels array for 32 simultaneous triangulations which are extracted in the same frame using NSI1000 global shutter, a robust solution for many smart manufacturing applications. Automatic peak detection is a geometrical method that is not dependent on the level of the returning laser pulse. The NSI1000 can calculate a peak of the returned signal up to 100,000 times per second. The new revolutionary inpixel accumulation feature enables the sensor to accumulate several returning signals and translate their value to a digital signal. By that, it enables the sensor to be more sensitive and adjust to weak and strong returning beams as a result of distance and reflectance.

Newsight will take part in the Ecomotion Exhibition on May 19th –


Among many uses of Newsight’s machine vision sensor, the automotive industry is one of the most prominent fields. Newsight offers 3D vision solutions for automotive safety: Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB), Blind Sport Monitoring, Driver Monitoring systems (DMS), Solidstate LiDAR, and other ADAS applications. Our solution provides an affordable, low power and high sensitivity sensor for larger distances.