NSI9000 RDC 3.1 Module

Custom designed RDC 3.1 Module for the optimal performance and connectivity of the NSI9000 CMOS image sensor.


The board for optimal performance and connectivity

The Module Includes:

  • NSI9000 sensor pixel array 1024 x 480, global shutter
  • Custom RDC 3.1 board
  • On board STM32H747 – Dual 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 up to 480MHz and -M4 MCUs, 1MB Flash, 1MB RAM
  • Onboard dual VCSELs and driver with high peak power.
  • Full software application package (runs on windows). Including Python API.
  • eTOF application to capture 3D images. 3D output format in Color coded and Point Cloud formats. Optics – Module comes with lens supporting 30° horizontal / 15° vertical FOV.
  • RDC3.1 is attached to the Al block to ease module mounting on customer equipment and to assist heat dissipation

NSI9000 Features:

  • Event detection: The event recognition is pulled back to the pixel array, the frame rate is adjusted to the events rate, thus decreasing redundant data.
  • Programmable frame rates
  • eTOF 3D distance measurement per pixel
  • Automatic exposure control
  • Multiline Triangulation
  • Special ‘Window of Interest’ that enables any rectangular resolution
  • Automatic peak detection for Triangulation
  • Per-frame configuration to allow on-the-fly reactions to events.
  • Can sync with other camera units, avoid interference
  • Laser Range-Gated Imaging – slice the scenery to observe through obscurants (rain, fog, smoke, haze)
  • Optional shut down of frame clock (between frames) for reduced power consumption