Machine vision has many implantations in the world of robotics. Smart CMOS sensors can function as the robot’s eyes. With Newsight’s MCU on chip, the sensor can acquire and analyze data on the fly, and create a smarter, better performing robot over time.

Newsight’s sensor can be extremely beneficial in making the transition from blind robots that are suited only for repetitive tasks to smart robots. A great utilization of our sensors is in the toys industry, being small sized, affordable, and maintaining a low power consumption, they make a perfect fit for high market productions.

The sensor is also commonly used in cleaning robot, both industrial and those designated for home usage. Using our sensors in these robots can help them sense the depth points of their surroundings are perform a more efficient, planned-out route around the room. The sensor can support AI processors, collect the data of the home cleaned, and use that data for more effective future uses. If one area of the house seems to be dirtier than others, the sensor can translate that image into data, and help the vacuum robot focus on said areas as he goes.The sensor is designed in a compacted form, while keeping all of the highest performance, perfectly structured for portable and rechargeable devices.


Applications in areas of smart manufacturing such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are now becoming a staple for huge companies and manufacturers around the world. Making significant improvements such as cutting down manpower and minimizing possible work injuries and allow the transport of heavy materials around the warehouse. The sensor can help the robot understand how to position grippers as it has the ability to detect the shapes and sizes of objects and reduce the time and effort needed in pick and place applications. AGV vehicles are widely used around the world for top companies such as Amazon, and many other logistics facilities. The robotic vehicles navigate using machine vision image sensors such as Newsight’s NSI3000 or NSI1000, that allow precise distance measurement with our patented technology.

Newsight’s image vision sensors in robots

YinHang (Shanghai, China) and Newsight Imaging collaborate for mass production of service robots.

The first batch of 1000 robots are already on the market, while YinHang (Shanghai, China) will launch a series of robots for warehouses by the end of this year, using Newsight’s sensors.

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