Water Monitoring

The increasing demand in recent years for clean quality and safe water usage has led the water industry suppliers to search for new technologies that will no longer require slow and complicated water quality procedures at an expensive cost. As a result, the smart water market has shown an extensive increase, estimated to reach USD 14.54 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 13.89%.

Newsight’s CMOS spectral sensor provides a simple, straightforward implementation and mass-deployable spectral-based detection system with minimal user training. Newsight’s technology simplifies and accelerates the analysis and diagnosis of any substance, even flowing liquids.

The AquaRing is Watersight’s flagship device for online condition-based monitoring (CbM). Based on Newsight’s proven spectral sensor, this technology allows for real-time water analysis alerts at an unbeatable price. Enhanced by AI, the device enables the diagnosis of the water’s quality, safety, and security.

Specially designed for Beverage Process, Municipal, Environmental, Agriculture, Effluent, and more


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A Joint Company of Newsight Imaging and Mekorot

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A mutual collaboration with Israel’s National Water Company – Mekorot, has resulted in JV commercializing a solution for real-time water monitoring. Following a successful pilot at Mekorot’s laboratory facilities, Newsight’s sensor, powered by machine learning was found to detect concentrations of led and other toxins in the water.

Real-time water monitoring – Cloud-based, using AI for continuously improving results


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