MT LiDAR – a Complete Reference Design for Multi-Triangulation Depth[...]

The MT LiDAR (Multi-Triangulation reference design) offers a complete solution for versatile and affordable 3D scanning. Newsight Imaging’s Multi-Triangulation technology allows ultra-high accuracy for short-distance measurement applications. The technology supports a high frame rate and is highly configurable for different applications and scenarios. The MT LiDAR is based on the[...]

Newsight’s 3D Sensors for Smart City

Smart city applications bring a new and improved city management approach using information technology. The integration of advanced telecommunication technologies with advanced sensors creates a new approach for a smart, always urban environment. Connective 3D sensors are able to transmit real-time data of infrastructure, surveillance, traffic, criminal data and more,[...]

eTOF™ LiDAR – The Complete Solution for a Versatile and[...]

Specifically designed for optimal 3D depth image results, the eTOF™ LiDAR provides high resolution with high dynamic range. The eTOF™ LiDAR reference design enables to develop a reliable and affordable 3D vision solution for machine vision markets including Robotics ,Automotive and Traffic Monitoring.

NSI1000 eTOF™ Webinar

Newsight Imaging held a webinar covering the technology and special features that are behind the NSI1000 sensor. Watch it now to discover more.

SpectraLIT Webinar and Demo video

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Newsight Imaging Intro

CMOS image sensors for machines that can sense the world in 3D. A game changer in vision solutions for the automotive industry, drones, robotics, augmented and virtual reality applications, mobile smartphone market and industry 4.0.