MT LiDAR 3.1 Demonstration

NSI9000 Facial Tracking Demonstration

New capabilities of NSI9000 – Gated-Imaging Demonstration

NSI9000 Gated-Imaging Demonstration

eTOF LiDAR 3.0 – Demo in VGA Resolution (based on[...]

Newsight's great Product and R&D teams are constantly working on the development of our eTOF technology, on which our NSI9000 depth sensor is based. Today, we are proud to demonstrate some promising initial performance in VGA resolution. The VGA resolution is a partial resolution of the maximum resolution of 1024×480[...]

eTOF LiDAR 3.0 – 35 meters range (based on NSI9000)

From the lab to the garage, with a range of 35 meters - our eTOF LiDAR 3.0 delivers images of outstanding quality. Based on Newsight's NSI9000 depth sensor chip, our reference design is being constantly improved by our experts. The demo below demonstrates the excellent performance of our innovative solution.[...]

eTOF LiDAR 3.0 – Astonishing 20 Meter Outdoors Demo (based[...]

Upgrading our eTOF LiDAR 3.0 Demo (based on NSI9000 sensor)

eTOF LiDAR 3.0 based on NSI9000 – Outdoor operation from[...]

NEW: eTOF LiDAR 3.0 – The advanced 3D sensing LiDAR[...]

Newsight's complete reference design for depth Imaging The robust, thermally balanced design enables smooth operation indoors and outdoors. Plug it in and get started. Try it out for yourself! Designed for Automotive LiDAR, Smart Cities, Metaverse and more.